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Welcome to Living Artfully, a uniquely creative space dedicated to infusing art and design into your daily life.


Featured Painting

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Acrylic Paint & Pastel Pencil on Canvas

16” x 20”


This is one of my deconstructed works, where I focus in on the shapes to create the composition. The pastel pencil really shows off the delineating lines, which add an extra dimension. And I love how this abstracted landscape has a quilt-like feel to it. View Here

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Michael has developed a collection of limited edition prints called “Artography,” a unique mix of art and photography. Each one has an image of one of his paintings, which is the inspiration. View Here

  • Dimensions: 28” x 34”

  • Limited Edition of 50 of Each Print

  • Numbered and Signed on the Back 

  • Printed on Archival Paper

  • Custom Framed with Archival Mattes 

  • UV-Blocking plexiglass, which protects against UV rays


Michael Friedes is an award-winning interior designer and contemporary artist whose love of color inspires and transports the viewer to places within their own imagination. 

Located in the beautiful historic Plaza in Sonoma, California, the Michael Friedes experience is an artist-owned creative space that defines the notion of living an artful life. So much more than just an art gallery, Michael’s ethos of “living artfully” is shown through a variety of his original artwork, Artography prints, select items with his art imagery on them, and a beautifully curated assortment of home décor that compliments it all.

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"Michael took photos and measurements of my dining room, and he painted something custom for my space, and it's absolutely striking!  It's an ocean scene of what was a calm ocean, where a storm is starting to brew. There's a tension between the whites and light shades of blue where the sky and ocean are tranquil, and the darker shades of blue and brown where the storm is creeping in.  I love the way it draws you in, and you want to keep spending time looking at it. It’s a stunning painting in its own right, and the size and colors compliment the space perfectly.  I couldn't be happier. Thank you again for such an amazing painting!"

Private Collector

–San Francisco, CA

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