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Make the most of a small Bedroom

The challenge for this small condo master bedroom was infusing a sense of luxury, while maximizing function and scale. The key was twofold; beautiful nightstands that had a small, but mighty footprint and lighting that does not take away precious surface area.

Takeaway Tips for Selecting Nightstands for a Small Bedroom:

  • Look for nightstands with an overall width of 16-20” wide.

  • Make sure there is enough drawer space for your needs. This will keep things clutter-free.

  • Even with drawers, visually, not having anything go to the floor or too heavy looking, keeps the look airy, particularly next to a substantial bed (like the one we selected that acts as the anchor of the room).

  • It is also fine to mix and match drawers and cubbies within the same collection (as evidenced in top picks #1 and #2).

1. Tiled Nightstand with Cubby 2. Tiled Nightstand with Drawers 3. Small Shagreen Nightstand 4. Deco Inspired Nightstand 5. Elegant Marble Top Nightstand 6. Glam White & Gold Nightstand

Takeaway Tips for Selecting Wall Lighting for a Small Bedroom:

  • Think of the wall lights as the punctuation, or jewelry for the room. So start with the bigger pieces to set the tone, then it will be easier to determine what style you want to accentuate for the lighting.

  • How do you want the wall lamp to function and move? They vary, so it is useful to pay attention to what works for you.

  • How bright do you want/need? Is this the primary lighting in the room, or specifically accent/directed lighting while you are in bed.

1. Transitional Design 2. Mid-Century Design 3. Classic Design 4. Contemporary Design 5. Mod Design

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