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Steinway Suite, Part 1: The Table

I recently designed the “Steinway Suite” for a penthouse in The Harrison, a

luxury condominium building in San Francisco. One of my biggest challenges

was the small dining area, and how to not only make it look beautiful, but also a

functional and inviting space to use on a daily basis. I will break down this room

over several blog posts. In this first one, let’s talk about the table, the primary

element of any dining area.

In a small city apartment everything has to be as multi-functional as possible, so

a dining table is no longer just for eating, but it is a work surface too.

I choose this sculptural metal and marble table from EQ3 (the Mesa round

dinette table), because I needed a small, but mighty anchor to the room. I wanted

a stone top to match the kitchen counters, since it was all in the same sightline,

and being that it is not a big area, it is cleaner to keep the same material


Take a look at my five favorite picks for a small dining area. They are all 44”-48”

in diameter, and there small stature does not sacrifice style. They all comfortably

seat 4 people and fit into most small dining areas or alcoves. Whether you are

looking for stone, wood or glass top, these are all winners!

1. Sculptural Dining Table with Glass Top 2. Curved Pedestal with Glass Top Table 3. EQ3 Mesa Dining Table 4. Crystalized Stone Top Table 5. Modern Walnut Pedestal Dining Table

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