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Acrylic Paint & Pastel Pencil on Canvas 

60”w x 40”h (diptych) 

$4,400 Framed 


This is a cathartic work of art that I made processing the pandemic. The title says it all… we all thought life was black and white as we knew it, until the world was in the midst of a global pandemic. However, I feel like we have turned the corner now, hence the subtitle of H4. I have imbedded four H’s throughout the painting. Each one represents a word that I wish for the world as we move forward from this extremely challenging time: 







The H’s are intentionally displayed in the abstract painting from very obvious to more subtle, again a subtext for the complexities of what life looked like in a pandemic time. And lastly, since I am always the optimist, I have subtly incorporated silver leaf paint, because there is a silver lining in every cloud. This is not only a beautiful statement painting, but one with a layered and meaningful message of perseverance and hope! 

It’s Not Always Black & White – H4

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