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Meet Michael

What does it mean to Live Artfully? 

For as long as I can consciously remember, I’ve viewed the world through an artistic lens. I’ve always been obsessed with the way shape takes form, the way colors can combine to create an image, and the ways I could turn a thought into a picture.


I’ve been able to take my artistic approach and apply it to a variety of outlets. Throughout my career as an interior and home furnishings designer, painting has always been within me as my purest expression of creativity. Painting has become my form of meditation. When I paint, I let everything else slip away and I enter a lovely, calm place of beauty, color, and texture, where my creative spirit manifests itself onto each canvas.


I’ve learned that “Living Artfully” extends far beyond painting and designing. It is a philosophy, a state of being, a way of looking at the world through a different and more beautiful perspective. 


“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."

-Pablo Picasso

Where Art Meets Design




Michael Friedes is enthralled by the way art can transform an environment. As an award-winning interior designer and fine arts painter, he knows that each piece of art is informed by the space it resides. 


As a fine arts painter - Michael enjoys mastering the art of color to bring to life inviting pieces that transport the viewer to places within their own imagination. His paintings are constantly evolving, inspired by the environment and nuances around him.


As an award-winning interior designer - Michael understands how to transform a space, through both the layout as well as how the environment is brought to life through art, color, and decoration. 


As the creator of Living Artfully, Michael is consistently inspired by the confluence of art and design. All of his pieces, whether products, commissions, or original pieces are designed intentionally to bring a certain feeling to the space it is in.


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