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The Michael Friedes Rug Collection

The Michael Friedes Rug Collection features an array of vibrant patterns, unexpected color combinations, and unique designs that are all accentuated with fine craftmanship and a soft hand. Friedes’ collection for The Rug Finder is inspired by the fascinating juxtaposition between nature and art. Michael was vigilant in finding the right manufacturing partner to bring his designs to life. They had to understand his need for the best quality of materials, construction, and ethical practices. 

The rugs in the collection are made in Nepal, handmade by skilled artisans in the city of Kathmandu. The collection which is made of either 60 or 100 knot qualities are made with silk and wool blend, as well as all wool. The wool is from the very best in the world coming from Tibetan highland sheep’s wool. The rugs are woven with handspun Tibetan yarn and vegetable dyes. 

The collection, which is based on a custom order basis, can be made to any size and any color combination. Lead-time on an order is 12–14 weeks depending on the size of the rug. A strike off is provided for approval before the actual rug is started. Strike off lead time is 30 days.

Pricing is $75 - $95 per square foot

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