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The Influence of Modern Art on Furniture

I have always loved going to museums to experience modern art. There is

something so magical about the energy that a beautiful piece of contemporary art

exudes. When I was in Manhattan recently I loved seeing “Spectrum V” by

Ellsworth Kelly at The Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art). And a few years ago,

the Frank Stella Retrospective at the Whitney Museum mesmerized me. His work

is still so fresh and relevant as it was when he first created the pieces in the late

1960’s and early 1970’s.

I love to place a beautiful piece of modern art in an interior. Sometimes infusing

that feeling with a piece of furniture that embodies that spirit is an unexpected

way to capture that essence. These are my Top Five Favorites… they would be

perfect as a TV cabinet, bar, or sideboard, and no museum admittance is



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